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Alicia C. Laufer

Laufer Notary was created by Mrs. Alicia C. Laufer, as she identified a lack of mobile notary public services in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Mrs. Laufer found that many individuals struggled to easily have documents notarized, especially those residing in retirement homes or studying in schools, due to lack of compatibility with schedules of available services. Her passion to start the business came from feeling that it should be easier for people to have access to these services, whenever and wherever needed.

Alicia's Pictur

Mrs. Laufer was a lawyer in Argentina for 13 years before immigrating to Canada in early 2003. In 2014, she was called to the Bar in Manitoba. Between her times as a lawyer, she successfully worked in Canada as a Legal Assistant helping lawyers with their notarization of documents in her role as a Commissioner by Oaths and Legal Assistant. Nowadays, she has a non-practicing status at The Law Society of Manitoba, to focus on her business.

As Mrs. Laufer is licensed to practice law in Manitoba, she is, by virtue of office, a Commissioner for taking affidavits in and for the Courts in Manitoba. She has also been appointed to be a Notary Public for the Province of Manitoba by the Companies Office.
Mrs. Laufer is bilingual in Spanish and she is passionate about helping people from the Latin American community.

Please note, that because of her non-practising status, Mrs. Laufer does not provide legal advice nor can she draft documents on behalf of her clients.

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