This list includes some of the documents that Laufer Notary can notarize.

Please inquire via text, phone 204-995-4348 or email for any other document(s) that you may need to have notarized.


  • Adoption Documents

  • Affidavits

  • Agent Authorization Letters

  • Agreements (generally)

  • Applications (generally)

  • Apostille Certificates (in Canada we call this: Authentication; Legalization, please see FAQ # 10 and 11)

  • Analytical Certificates

  • Assignments


  • Background checks

  • Beneficiary Releases

  • Birth Certificates



  • Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product (CPP Certificate)

  • Certificate of Free Sale (CFS Certificate)

  • Certificate of Origin

  • Certified True Copies of any Original Documents

  • Chamber of Commerce Documentation

  • Cohabitation Agreements (Signatures only)

  • Commercial Invoice

  • Commission of Oaths

  • Common Law Unions, Statutory Declarations

  • Consent to Travel Documents

  • Contracts (Signatures only, not drafting or legal advises)

  • Corporate Documents

  • Court Documents

  • Custody, Family or Adoption Documents

  • Criminal Record Checks


  • Death Certificate

  • Declaration (Statutory) in lieu of Guarantor

  • Degrees

  • Diplomas

  • Division of Pension Documents

  • Division of Pension Benefits under the Pension Benefits Division Act

  • Divorce Certificate

  • Driver’s Licence



  • Employment Contracts and job forms

  • Executor Release and Indemnity



  • Financial Documents, Statements


  • Good Manufacturing Practices Certificate of Compliance (GMP Certificate),

       Agricultural and Food



  • Health Canada Certificate


  • Identity Corroboration

  • Import, Export document Certification

  • Inter-jurisdictional Orders

  • International Trade Certificates

  • Invitation Letters


  • Language documents

  • Letters of Invitation (for a Visitor's Visa to Canada) - Immigration



  • Marriage Abroad

  • Marriage Certificate

  • Mental Health Act Consents

  • Mortgage Documents, Out-of-Province

  • MPI (Manitoba Public Insurance) Declaration of Guarantor for Proof of Identity


  • Notarial Certificates

  • Notarization of Documents


  • Out of Province Real Estate Transactions

  • Out of Province Mortgage Documents


  • Parental Permission Forms

  • Passports

  • Pension Documents

  • Permanent Resident Card Applications

  • Proof of Identity

  • Proof of Life

  • Proof of Loss


  • Reference Letters

  • Real Estate Documents

  • Real Estate Transactions, Out of Province

  • Releases


  • School, University or College degrees, Transcripts, Certificates

  • Separation, Divorce Agreements (notarization only, no legal advice)

  • Small Claim Affidavits

  • Spanish translations

  • Statements

  • Statutory Declarations

  • Survival Certificates


  • Teachers certificates

  • Trade and commerce documents

  • Transcripts


  • Visa Documents

  • Vulnerable Persons


  • Wills Kits, (Staples/Office Deport, downloadable)

  • Work Permits

and much more…

Please call or text at 204-995-4348 or send an email to: for any questions regarding your documents

Legal Notice:  Laufer Notary does not provide any legal advice nor draft any documents on behalf of clients. Mrs. Alicia C. Laufer can only write and provide Notarial Certificates for original documents and identity purposes. As a lawyer with a non-practising status at The Law Society of Manitoba no solicitor-client relationship is established by delivering these services. It is encouraged that every business and individual seek guidance from legal counsel concerning their specific legal matters and documentation.